Saturday, November 12, 2011

1924 November 4 COOLIDGE WINS

Silent CAL 30th President of the United States

Calvin Coolidge

Religion: Congregationalist
Education: Graduated from Amherst College (1895)
Occupation: Lawyer
Political Party: Republican
Other Government Positions:

Northampton, MA City Councilman, 1899
City Solicitor, 1900-01
Clerk of Courts, 1904
Member of Massachusetts Legislature, 1907-08
Mayor of Northampton, MA, 1910-11
Member of Massachusetts Legislature, 1912-15
Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts, 1916-18
Governor of Massachusetts, 1919-20
Vice President, 1921-23 (under Harding)
Presidential Salary: $75,000/year

Presidential Election Results:
Year Popular Votes Electoral Votes
1924 Calvin Coolidge 15,718,211 382
John W. Davis 8,385,283 136
Robert M. LaFollette 4,831,289 13
Vice President: Charles G. Dawes (1925-29)

1924 Presidential and Congressional Results

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