Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Fairview Tuberculosis Santitorium at New Lisbon
Dr. Marcus Newcomb

Fairview is on the right side of the County Farm and on
Pemberton -Browns Mills Road
Fair View and Tuberculosis Search in NJ Mirror

1918 Influenza

1917 A tuberculosis survey of New Jersey and report
By New Jersey Anti-Tuberculosis League, Jules Schevitz

25 PATIENTS SAVED IN SANITARIUM FIRE; Women at Near-By Benefit Sale Help in Rescues as Jersey Hospital Is Destroyed. Browns Mills
Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES. October 11, 1934, Thursday Page 15, 238 words

ASKS FORT TO CHANGE PREVENTORIUM EDICT; President Marks Tells Him Lakewood Home Doesn't Take Tuberculous Children. STATE'S ATTITUDE UNJUST Where Would New Jersey Be if Colorado and New York Barred Its Consumptives from Health Resorts, He Asks. November 28, 1909, Sunday Page 5, 1349 words

300 ACRES IN JERSEY FOR A PREVENTORIUM; Home to be Established at Farmingdale for the Children of Two States. ENDS LAKEWOOD DISPUTE New Institution Backed by Philanthropic Citizens -- Land Comes from the Albert Brisbane Estate.
June 4, 1910, Saturday Page 18, 966 words

DON'T CARRY DISEASE TO LAKEWOOD HOMES; Managers of Preventorium Explain Their Institution and Its Objects. NO TUBERCULOUS CHILDREN Their Home Among Pines Is for Prevention, Not Cure, as Name Implies -- Hotel Guests Sympathize with It.
November 24, 1909, Wednesday Page 9, 1374 words Investigation yesterday

JOINS WAR ON TUBERCULOSIS.; Catholic Church Starts a Crusade in All of Its Schools.
December 18, 1908, Friday Page 7, 259 words

CARNEGIE GIFT FOR TUBERCULOSIS HOME; Offers $10,000 to the Endowment Fund of the Preventorium for Children. January 17, 1912, Wednesday Page 4, 488 words

CRANBERRY BOGS CHILDLESS; Paralysis Quarantine Kept Small Pickers in Cities. October 1, 1916, Sunday Page 18, 273 words

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